Friday, August 29, 2014

Thursday Thoughts from Staycation: Where is My Head At?

I am on a staycation this week from the day job. This has given me some extra time to work on the house and the preparations for launching Three Worlds Press. I have been reading some of the initial submissions and editing one of the first releases. I also have been reading already released novels for future reviews.

On the Three Worlds Press website, we have submission guidelines that are primarily mechanical: font, margins, page breaks etc. We do HIGHLY recommend that an author polish their manuscript before submitting. I have edited and read many manuscripts, published novels and articles (I have also edited for several ezines and websites).One of my current pet peeves is:

Headhopping- applies to fiction. Please, please, please use only ONE point of view per scene, preferably per chapter. Consciously or not, readers are derailed by sudden, repeated and unacknowledged point of

view shifts. For those who do not know what this refers to: point of view (POV) is the character who is the camera lens through which the reader views the scene. The reader can only know that which that character knows.
For example if Mary is the POV character we could know that she has a little lamb and that its fleece was white as snow. We could also know that the lamb follows her everywhere.

We CANNOT know that the lamb follows Mary because it is afraid of the big bad wolf zombie that Mary is unaware of and and because it is the runt of the herd and has an enormous inferiority complex.Mary cannot read the lamb's mind. However, if the lamb talks, then we could be told all this through dialogue and other nuances of behavior when Mary and Larry the Lamb stop for a snack under an apple tree.

But since Mary is my POV character and Larry can't talk.... I, as the reader, don't know anything about this until the big bad wolf zombie jumps out from behind the tree.

Another post will cover: 2 words, hyphenated or compound? subtitle: Do you know where the online dictionary is?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday Teaser: Trailer for Upcoming Release of Awakening by Scott Wieczorek

On September 10, Scott Wieczorek, a member of the Three Worlds Press Creative Team, releases his new novel, Awakening.

Forget everything you ever thought to be true about our world. Angels are real. And they are fighting for control over the human race.


Over the next few weeks, we will be featuring Scott and Awakening here at Storyteller's Grove. TODAY we want to share with you the book trailer. Watch next week for an excerpt.

Now go to Goodreads and add it to your Want to Read list

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday Thoughts: Autumn Getaway, Book One of Seasons of Love by Jennifer Gracen, a review

Author’s Synopsis
Newly divorced mom Lydia is just getting back on her feet. Her college roommate’s wedding promises a much-needed getaway weekend with old friends, at a beautiful manor in Connecticut.

When she meets Sam, a handsome friend of the groom, she's nearly overwhelmed by a confusing mix of hope and trepidation. Their instant connection feels intensely real, to both of them, but the ink is barely dry on her divorce decree. It takes all her nerve, and more than a little prodding from her girlfriends, to convince Lydia to give her heart — and Sam — a chance. But when the magical weekend comes to a close, Sam must return to Chicago, while Lydia heads back to her complicated life and young son in New York. Can their new found connection survive the trials of physical distance and years of emotional baggage?

Written with an appreciation for the day-to-day struggles of a newly single mom, Autumn Getaway explores the burdens and blessings of family, revels in the spirit of friendship, and celebrates the power of romance and hope as Lydia and Sam take a second chance at love.

How many women have been or are Lydia? If we have not had a failed relationship, either marriage or major-league dating, we haven’t been living. Living means taking a risk, jumping in.  But once burned, twice shy right? Lydia has to decide if she can try again?

In Autumn Getaway, we meet Lydia in this sweet introduction to her and journey. I have not read the second book so no spoilers here on whether this is a keeper in this review.

Lydia has just ended her marriage and finds herself a semi-single mom (ex is marginally involved) of a speech delayed son, Andy.  Full disclosure, I have a severely developmentally disabled sibling and have seen firsthand the impact that has on a parent. 

So Lydia jumps at the chance for her first weekend away since it all went south. Her college friend, Melanie is getting married for the second time. The wedding and reception is being held at a picturesque Connecticut spa/resort. It serves as a reunion of college friends as well. 

Lydia meets Sam, the younger brother of the best man. Sam is HOT, funny and understanding. He is in short perfect and just what Lydia needs. But is this a wedding fling or more?

There is instant chemistry. But the ink is barely dry on Lydia’s divorce and Sam’s family is quick to take issue, questioning the attraction between Lydia and Sam. Lydia who already feels broken and vulnerable freezes and questions what is happening.

This a charming, fun, and promising romance. I can relate to Lydia as I think most women can. My only wish is that Sam was more flawed. I am a fan of the flawed hero, perhaps I must read the rest of the series to discover the fully textured Sam… and I will!

Just in time for the crisp days of Autumn (or the fragrant but still cool days/nights of Spring in the southern hemisphere) grab Book One of the Seasons of Love series and curl up with a crackling fire, a glass of wine (or juice) and get introduced to Lydia and Sam.

Ms. Gracen is a talented writer and this is a wonderful debut. I look forward eagerly to her future novels.
Storyteller’s Grove gives Autumn Getaway 4 triskeles.


Jennifer Gracen writes contemporary romance and romantic women's fiction. She likes to write about tangled mature relationships, with equal doses of humor, warmth, passion, and gravity. A mother of two young boys, she originally hails from Long Island, New York and lives there currently. When not spending time with her family and friends, reading, or writing, she also does freelance copy editing and proofreading,
and is a professed social media addict.

Her publishing debut was with a short story, KILLING THE FANTASY, in the charity anthology ORANGE KAREN: TRIBUTE TO A WARRIOR, released in April 2013.

Her Seasons Of Love series is published by Booktrope Editions. A four book contemporary romance series, it centers on the growing relationship between Lydia, a divorced single mom who's afraid to take a second chance on love, and Sam, a widowed graphic arts executive who's afraid to NOT take the chance -- he wants to find happiness again, and he wants it with Lydia.
Book 2, WINTER HOPES, was released on July 1, 2014.
Book 3, SPRING SHADOWS, will be released on October 1, 2014.
Book 4, SUMMER CHAMPAGNE, is set for release in early January 2015.

Her Christmas novella, ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS, will be published by Tule Publishing on November 11, 2014. The novella is part of a linked four book set, titled CHRISTMAS IN NEW YORK, with three other authors from her local writing group, the Long Island Romance Writers, writing the other three novellas.

You can find her on Facebook among other places and on her Amazon author page 
Jennifer is proud to be part of her local RWA (Romance Writers of America) chapter, and is serving as Secretary in 2014.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday Teaser: Is Love Enough: Book Two Michele Grogan's Forbidden Love Series

This week, we feature an excerpt from Michele Grogan’s Is Love Enough? Book Two of the Forbidden Love series.

Author’s Synopsis
In this sequel to Forbidden Love, Jessica Alvarez tries to answer the question - is love enough? - when it comes to moving forward in a relationship with Jake. But that question might not be easy to answer when a new foe arrives in town and is determined to wreak havoc no matter the cost. 

Luis Alvarez does everything in his power to support his daughter while exploring his own love life and dealing with unexpected circumstances of his past. But when a new threat comes to town, will he be able to protect everyone he cares about or will he have to endure losing someone close to him? 

Jake Rousseau put his heart on the line when he fell in love with Jessica - will he be able to give Jessica what she wants without his heart being ripped to shreds...again? 

“I need you to double-check these numbers from the casino; I think Carlos might be trying to skim off the top again. He’s going to need to be dealt with.”

Jake took the file and quickly flipped through it. “If there are any problems, I’ll send Marco down there.”

“No. I need you to handle this personally,” Johnny said, still not looking at his friend as he sat on the couch, the crystal tumbler clutched in his hand. If Sara knew what he was doing, she would have had a fit. It was a good thing she was out with the kids.

“Johnny, it’s not possible for me to leave right now.”

“You’re the best I have, Jake, and I know I can trust you to handle Carlos.”

“Marco has dealt with him before and he’s more than capable of doing it, Johnny,” Jake said patiently.

“Well, obviously Marco’s last warning was not good enough if Carlos is skimming again! You personally handling this will get the message across loud and clear, Jake.”

“I can’t.”

Johnny looked at the man he considered as his right hand, the man who had been by his side as he had made the empire his father had started bigger and better than his thug of a father ever could have imagined. The man he took under his wing and considered his brother…considered family was out and out defying him.

Trying to maintain some semblance of patience, Johnny said, “I gave you an order, Jake.”

Jake’s right eyebrow rose slightly. “I’m sorry, Johnny. I will check the numbers and if there’s a problem Marco will handle it as I see fit – per his report back to me. Other than that, I am not leaving Donovan’s Harbor any time soon.”

Shaking his head, Johnny put the cut crystal tumbler on the coffee table. “So you’re willing to throw it all away for her?”

“I’m not throwing anything away, Johnny,” Jake began but was cut off.

“The hell you’re not!” Johnny shouted, finally letting the pent up anger he had toward his friend out. “You are throwing away our friendship for that bitch and for what, Jake? A roll in the sack with an enemy’s daughter? Stick it to Alvarez? That’s what this is all about, isn’t it?”

Jake was across the room so fast Johnny barely saw him move until he was backed up against the mantle. 

“The reason you don’t have a bullet in your head right now is because I respect you too much. But I will tell you this, Johnny, don’t you ever disrespect Jessica again. I have put up with a lot of your bull over the years without a word and I would never speak that way about Sara, so don’t you start.”

Johnny was pinned there by Jake’s steel blue eyes. Johnny knew that was the last thing people saw before they met their maker at this man’s hands and Johnny could have sworn his own life flashed before his eyes. Finally breaking the hold Jake had on him, Johnny blinked and nodded. He knew he had gone too far, but he wasn’t about to admit it out loud.

“What the hell is going on?” Sara asked as she walked into the apartment with the kids following close behind her.

Johnny and Jake stared at each other down a moment longer and then nodded to each other, coming to a silent understanding. Johnny didn’t want Sara involved in and he knew Jake didn’t either. Jake backed off.

Michelle Grogan began writing down stories in the 7th grade. In college her writing transitioned to what is now called flash fiction and fan fiction before going back to creating her own stories. Michelle is also a Literacy Specialist/Coach where she currently coaches teachers on how to improve their students writing skills.

Want to read more?
Buy Links:
Is Love Enough (Amazon)
Is  Love Enough (Kobo)

Stay in touch with Michele and what’s coming next here:
Social Media Links:
Twitter Handle @mishmash878

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Selfie: Past, Present. Soul Mates and Time Travel

It was one of those weeks filled with good things. I finally put some more pieces in place for the launch of Three Worlds as a full-fledged publishing company including the website (click HERE to view version 0.5). I got to beta read for Bob Mayer and just heard I will be in the acknowledgements for the book. He is a powerhouse in the new world of publishing and I am thrilled and honored to have had this opportunity. I scheduled a trip for a long weekend to see a friend I have not seen in years and visit Salem … yes that Salem. I had a wonderful week with Sean. We had an unexpected dinner and evening mid-week. It was fun and special in part because his work schedule of rising with the chickens often makes weekday get-togethers.   I have been privy to another friend’s happiness in their relationship that is as deep and true as it gets. Talking to this friend reinforces my belief that soul mates exist and can be reunited in some lifetime.

Then last night Sean and I had yet another spectacular evening. No details, it’s not that kind of blog… just trust me on this.

Today was mellow. A few chores and hanging out on the neighbors’ porch until I could catch the next episode of Outlander. WOW, I love this series. No surprise that after one episode it was already picked up for a second season.  Besides a hot guy in a kilt and a strong female main character, it is about finding one’s place in the universe and one’s soul mate across time.  Some, like my friend above, are fortunate to find them in this life.  Some, like the fictional Claire, travel through time to find them.  In almost all cases, the journey to the soul mate is not easy. It comes with detours and complications. But one thing seems to remain true… soul mates, once they find each other, are bound heart and soul.  Circumstances and just life can separate them physically but they remain bound and like Jaime Frasier and Claire Randall they are eventually reunited. I think if we are open and honest, we will find them in this life or the next time around.

How interesting it would be to travel through time.  To see history played out before our eyes. But history is often (well pretty much always) romanticized and there is that alter the outcome temptation. The ultimate If I Knew Then What I Know Now. But for all the twists and turns in my life, I wouldn’t change a thing. I am in a really good place right now and becoming me. The me that is the result of everything I have done or experienced.  Who knows what the outcome will be but it is turning into one hell of a ride.  Thanks Sean for being part of that ride… you will end up in a novel of mine although probably under another pen name.

Would you time travel? To when?  Have you found your soul mate?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

RELEASE DAY for Eye of the Storm, Book 4 of the Kelli Storm series

Over the last week, I have featured an excerpt from Eye of the Storm and an interview with its author, Kenneth Hoss.

TODAY, Eye of the Storm goes live on Amazon:

Get your copy here: Eye of the Storm

No Kindle?  Dowload the free eReader app to your computer, tablet or phone from the FREE Reading Apps page at Amazon

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday Thoughts: Interview with Kenneth Hoss, author of the Kelli Storm series

This week, I am privileged to have the chance to chat with Kenneth Hoss, author of the highly successful Kelli Storm series, Book 4, Eye of the Storm which releases on the 16th.

Author's Synopsis:  
The body of a Russian prostitute is dumped in a Washington Heights park and Detectives Kelli Storm and Eric Ryder are called to the scene. A note found on the woman’s body containing her name and that of a former Russian mobster leads Kelli to an old nemesis.

When they confront a Russian Diplomat and the Russian Brotherhood with little success, they seek the help of an FBI contact who aids them in finding a connection between the Diplomat and a corrupt FSB Agent, and uncover a criminal conspiracy between a dangerous Mexican cartel and a notorious New York crime family.

As Kelli peels away the layers of death and corruption, she soon finds herself targeted by these organizations, all wanting to eliminate the threat to themselves and their livelihoods.

Please welcome, Kenneth Hoss to the Grove.

Storyteller’s Grove: So, Ken, tell us about yourself and what brought you to writing?
Kenneth Hoss: Well, I’m in my late 50’s and single. My day job, when I’m working, is in the IT field as an analyst. Right now I’m taking time off after working a contract for the past two years. I must say, it is nice not to have to get up in the morning and run out the door.
I started writing back in High School; I had a lot of stories in my head, and needed to get them out. Back then I read mostly Science Fiction; Heinlein, Bradbury, Asimov and the like. Of course, it was all done with pen and paper back then, no computers and my parents wouldn’t get me a typewriter. (Yes, we had already moved on from stone tablets, even though the dinosaurs were still rambling through the neighborhood.)
I continued my writing while in the Navy and wrote a Fantasy novel based on a world I created for Dungeons and Dragons. (Yes, I did play the game and even became a Grand Dungeon Master. Big nerd.) The book never got published as I was naïve enough to believe in a publisher who was just a bit unscrupulous and informed me after I sent my entire MS that they never received it. With no backup copy, (still no computer), I was sunk. Suffice to say that I learned my lesson. I stopped writing for a while; several years in fact, until an old High School girlfriend gave me a push.
After several “bad” starts, Kelli came along and rest is history.

SG: Share with our readers a little about your book.
KH: Kelli Storm is back for another book. This time the stakes are even higher when she and her partner, Eric Ryder, uncover a major criminal enterprise involving a Russian Diplomat, a corrupt FSB Major, a dangerous Mexican cartel and one of New York’s deadliest crime families.

SG: What made you choose to self-publish your book?
KH: After trying the traditional route with the first book, and getting no results, I began looking for alternatives. Of course with my previous bad experience with vanity presses, I avoided that route. When a friend and fellow author told me about Smashwords, I looked into it and once I had checked all of the fine print, which there was none really, I published Storm Rising.

SG: Now for the fun questions... let's start with... What’s your sign? How do you think it effects your writing?
KH: I don’t believe in astrology, but I am a Pisces and I don’t think it effects my writing at all.

SG: What do you love about writing? Hate?
KH: A good question. I love writing because it lets me get the stories out of my head. It can get annoying when your MC keeps nagging at you. What I hate most is editing and writing the synopsis, trying to condense an entire book into a few short paragraphs.

SG: Are you more of a hunter or a gather?
KH: Tough one. I suppose I’m a little of both. I’m always hunting for a good deal, and I love going to the grocery store or local farmers market.

SG: Do you believe in Bigfoot?
KH: Sure, I’ve even seen a “Bigfoot” type creature in my area, when I was camping at a local lake. I believe it was named the Fouk Monster, as it was originally discovered in Fouk, Arkansas. I also believe in UFO’s.

SG: If you were on an island and could only bring 3 things, what would you bring?
KH: Books, lots of wine, and a camping stove.

SG: If you were 80 years old, what would you tell your children?
KH: “Don’t make the mistakes in your lives that I’ve made in mine.”

Thank you for joining us and giving your readers and ours a glimpse into the workings of your mind.
If you have not read the excerpt posted last week, you can read it by clicking HERE.

To read any or all of the first three novels go to Mr. Hoss' Amazon Page and watch for the upcoming release of Eye of the Storm on August 16th.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Selfie: Headhopping, Turning off the Brain and Wandering

So after several weeks of what felt like non-stop motion, I decided that once I had finished the key chores for the day I was going to relax on the front porch and read. At five o’clock, I poured myself a glass of wine and turned on my Kindle.

When I first started developing my writing and editing skills, it was excruciating. Not that it is a snap now. But it felt then as if every word was peeled from the skin on my fingertips leaving nerve endings exposed and raw. But like actual wounds the scar over and toughen up … a bit.

I have now reached the unfortunate place where I can NOT easily turn off the editor brain and just ENJOY a book. I am a headhopper’s worst nightmare. Even the “smallest” hop, sometimes one sentence in a
paragraph can be like fingernails on a blackboard (for those who know what I mean) to me.

My son, a filmmaker has said he has the same issue with movies.

Do musicians have the same issue?

How do you silence the inner editor voice, the inner and sometimes outer cringe.

So now I have a new task for myself that relates to stress management and long run success, turning off that part of the brain so I can just relax and enjoy and create.

Creating is different from editing… obvious right? When the brain locks into editing I think it stifles the ability to wander through the forest of imagination, leaving the path behind until you find the story that becomes a new path.

But then there arrived the wonderful distraction of messages from Sean. They definitely take me off the path and into the forest. Thank you Sean.

So that’s all the Selfie for this week. I’m going to go read for a while and watch Outlander...again.  Dinna Fash.  

 Where was I again?
Oh yeah... forest of imagination.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Review: Fyre Dark Dreams. Book One by Nicolette Godlove

Author Synopsis

The note said: Dreams can bring happiness, but force them into reality and there’ll be Death.

I feel his presence. My senses race. My life has been plagued by strange and unfortunate events. At first I thought it was random, but I’ve discovered it was by wicked design. All this time I’ve masked my intense supernatural abilities, in hopes of leading a normal life. But now I’ve stumbled upon the resting place of a powerful immortal and awakened more than just a slumbering dark prince.

Evil has left the shadows, and pursues my rare power, a power I’m only beginning to understand. I refuse to go down easy. This darkness that hunts me has no idea what I’m capable of, hell, neither do I. But something has woken within me. They want my head. They’re gonna get more than they bargained for.

Kai Fyre has always been a little different. Now a young woman rooming with her friend, Maleek, she is  haunted by dreams of a wicked but seductive man.  When she is drawn to a crypt in the neighborhood cemetery she finds the undead body of the man of her dreams, Darien.

He goes from consuming her blood to sexual attraction in a heartbeat, and yes this vampire has a heartbeat. The story twists a bit and there is some vague threat and reference to Darien’s love from his human life.
I would have liked to see more consistent characters in development and behavior. While Kai is the best realized the rest, including Darien do not grab me. Maleek in particular seems to exhibit varying emotions that seem more based on what is needed in a scene then as part of her underlying personality and history.

There are too many unresolved issues in this story. In a series, certain things related to longer term character or story development should be left partially unresolved. In this novel there is no sense that any key plot points are resolved. It left me without some feeling of satisfaction.

I am a huge supporter of self and small press authors. I am one and an editor as well. The reality is that to be considered half as good as traditionally published authors, we must work twice as hard. The eBook version I read contained formatting issues which only added to the less than smooth flow and development of the novel.

There is a diamond in the rough here and I hope that Ms. Godlove continues to write and develop her craft. The beauty of modern publishing is that novels are never cast in stone and can growth and change with the author.

Storyteller’s Grove give Fyre: Dark Dreams 3-1/2 triskeles

FYRE Dark Dreams is the first book of the series, based off of a slew of dreams and nightmares experienced by the author. It is available on Amazon.
 A lover of all things strange, N. M. Godlove plans to expand the genre of this series and create a cross-over into new realms. Follow @FyreBooks  on Twitter N. M. Godlove lives in NJ with her husband. infant daughter and four-legged child Lily. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Writer Wednesday:Excerpt for Eye of the Storm, Book 4 of the Kelli Storm Series (Kenneth Hoss-Author)

This week I have the pleasure of featuring an except from Eye of the Storm the fourth novel in Kenneth Hoss’s Kelli Storm Series. I have had the privilege of reviewing previous installments of the series and look forward to an author interview with Mr. Hoss next week and an official review of Eye of the Storm in the near future.
Enjoy this taste of the Storm and if you haven’t read the other three books, I will provide a link at this end of this post. While each book stands alone as solid stories, they are even better when read as a whole.  So if you haven’t….get on it!

Author’s Synopsis 
The body of a Russian prostitute is dumped in a Washington Heights park and Detectives Kelli Storm and Eric Ryder are called to the scene. A note found on the woman’s body containing her name and that of a former Russian mobster leads Kelli to an old nemesis.
When they confront a Russian Diplomat and the Russian Brotherhood with little success, they seek the help of an FBI contact who aids them in finding a connection between the Diplomat and a corrupt FSB Agent, and uncover a criminal conspiracy between a dangerous Mexican cartel and a notorious New York crime family.
As Kelli peels away the layers of death and corruption, she soon finds herself targeted by these organizations, all wanting to eliminate the threat to themselves and their livelihoods.

                                   Friday September 27th – 9:45 A.M. – Elizabeth, New Jersey
                                                 Corbin Street – Maher Terminals Inc.

Kelli flipped through several pages of the manifest, shook her head and looked back at the clerk. “Exactly how many containers were on this ship?”
The little man adjusted his glasses, tapped the keyboard in front of him, studied the screen and looked up at Kelli. “Exactly three thousand four hundred, all containing machine parts. Do you want to know where they are?”
“No, I don’t. What I want to know is, were these containers inspected, and if so, who inspected them?”
“Are you kidding me? Do you know how many containers come through this port every day? Even the Department of Homeland Security admitted that it was impossible to check all of the containers coming in to U.S. ports. Sure, if we feel there’s a reason to inspect a container, it gets inspected, but otherwise, it just goes on to its destination.”
Kelli looked at Greg, shook her head and turned back to the clerk. “So can you tell me if any of these containers are still here?”
He shrugged, looked back at his screen, tapped a few keys and nodded. “It looks like there are three containers from that ship that haven’t been picked up by the carrier yet.”
“And where are these containers?”
“Section B, spaces twelve, thirteen, and fourteen,” he said and looked back up at her.
“Okay, get somebody to take us to them; I’d like to see these machine parts.”
“Sure, you got a warrant, right? Those containers are private property; you can’t just open them up. Besides, your NYPD, this is New Jersey, you don’t have any jurisdiction here.”
Kelli leaned over the desk, her face inches away from the clerk’s face. “True, I may not have jurisdiction, but my friends here do, isn’t that right, Special Agent Gallo?”
“That’s correct, Detective Storm,” he said as he stepped up next to the desk and tossed the warrant down.
“Now, I want you to get on the phone and get someone over here to take us to those containers.”
The clerk nodded as he fumbled for his desk phone. “Yeah, sure. I’ll get someone from security over here. What’s so important about these containers anyway?”
“Maybe nothing, but it’s possible that one or all of them were used to smuggle young women into the country, as in human trafficking, sex slaves,” she said, her eyes focused on his. “Now, make that call.”
“Shit, really? I mean you hear about it, but you never think about it,” he said and hit a button on the phone and waited.


The first two containers held exactly what was stated on the manifest, crates of machine parts, bound for Chicago. When they cracked the doors on the third container however, it was all they could do to keep from vomiting. The overpowering stench emanating from the open door was just the beginning. Greg was the first one to regain his composure, and with a hand over his nose and mouth, he entered the container.
“Sick sons of bitches,” he said as he exited moments later. “We’ve got three inside, dead. I didn’t get close enough to check, but my guess is that they died from dehydration. And from the level of decomp, it looks like they’ve been here for a while too.”
Kelli looked up at him, forcing down the bile in her throat. “Those Russian sons of bitches. They kidnap these girls, throw them in this thing and then don’t even give a damn if they live or not,” she said, balling her fist, her face growing hotter. “I want these bastards, Greg; they have to pay for this shit.”
“Calm down, Kelli. They will pay, but let’s get these girls out of there first, okay?” He put his arm around her and eased her away from the container. “Gallo, Graham. One of you want to get forensics down here, and a coroner,” he called over his shoulder.

The Author

Kenneth Hoss was born at Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth, Texas in 1957 to Albert and Mary Hoss. He served a combined total of fourteen years on active duty from 1974 to 1987 in both the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy. His tour in the Army took him to Frankfurt, Germany where he had the opportunity totravel Europe. While in the Navy, Kenneth spent most of his time stationed in San Diego and Long Beach. His Navy travels took him to Hawaii, Guam, The Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Okinawa, the Middle East and Pakistan. He has lived in several States, including South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Washington and California.

To read any or all of the first three novels go to Mr. Hoss' Amazon Page and watch for the upcoming release of Eye of the Storm on August 16th

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Selfie: Mayberry, Stone Pony and Publishing

The last few weeks have been busy. No such thing as the summer doldrums. Last year at this time I was out of work and actively hunting. In addition, I was using the time to expand my editing, writing and I hoped, at the time, my dream of helping others publish. I was socially active, hanging out with friends but not actively looking for anything more than friendship.

We talk of planting seeds and harvesting the fruits of that process. What we cannot totally control is when our activities will bear fruit.

I found a full-time job in February. It is interesting and the salary is adequate if I am careful with my pennies.

And now the seeds that were planted on the editing and publishing are beginning to sprout. I privately edited, edited for a small press house and for various websites and ezines including and horror movies—check it out)

In the last three weeks, I have begun lining up editors, cover artists and others. Working with an experienced attorney, we are drawing up contracts for authors and service. The next hurdle is the initial construction of the website. While no small feat, the tools currently available make it easier than it might have been a few years ago.

As I have told, several people, this is an exciting and scary time. I am both a writer and business person. I have spent decades in banking and finance and take a practical and conservative approach to launching a business. I take the responsibility to authors, readers and distribution channels seriously. One of the risks of any new business is letting our enthusiasm get ahead of us. One of my key roles is vision keeper and focus channeler.

I am dating a great guy who gets major points for accepting and supporting my writer/publisher dreams and activities. We also enjoy music together and were at Southside Johnny at The Stone Pony yesterday. It is also nice to sit on the front porch with him for an evening cocktail or morning coffee. He swears I live in Mayberry. 

Fun times.

No road is perfectly smooth, but I am enjoying the high points and working to do it right.  Enjoy the moments always!

If the publishing thing intrigues you…follow me and Three Worlds Productions on Facebook and message me.