Thursday, August 7, 2014

Review: Fyre Dark Dreams. Book One by Nicolette Godlove

Author Synopsis

The note said: Dreams can bring happiness, but force them into reality and there’ll be Death.

I feel his presence. My senses race. My life has been plagued by strange and unfortunate events. At first I thought it was random, but I’ve discovered it was by wicked design. All this time I’ve masked my intense supernatural abilities, in hopes of leading a normal life. But now I’ve stumbled upon the resting place of a powerful immortal and awakened more than just a slumbering dark prince.

Evil has left the shadows, and pursues my rare power, a power I’m only beginning to understand. I refuse to go down easy. This darkness that hunts me has no idea what I’m capable of, hell, neither do I. But something has woken within me. They want my head. They’re gonna get more than they bargained for.

Kai Fyre has always been a little different. Now a young woman rooming with her friend, Maleek, she is  haunted by dreams of a wicked but seductive man.  When she is drawn to a crypt in the neighborhood cemetery she finds the undead body of the man of her dreams, Darien.

He goes from consuming her blood to sexual attraction in a heartbeat, and yes this vampire has a heartbeat. The story twists a bit and there is some vague threat and reference to Darien’s love from his human life.
I would have liked to see more consistent characters in development and behavior. While Kai is the best realized the rest, including Darien do not grab me. Maleek in particular seems to exhibit varying emotions that seem more based on what is needed in a scene then as part of her underlying personality and history.

There are too many unresolved issues in this story. In a series, certain things related to longer term character or story development should be left partially unresolved. In this novel there is no sense that any key plot points are resolved. It left me without some feeling of satisfaction.

I am a huge supporter of self and small press authors. I am one and an editor as well. The reality is that to be considered half as good as traditionally published authors, we must work twice as hard. The eBook version I read contained formatting issues which only added to the less than smooth flow and development of the novel.

There is a diamond in the rough here and I hope that Ms. Godlove continues to write and develop her craft. The beauty of modern publishing is that novels are never cast in stone and can growth and change with the author.

Storyteller’s Grove give Fyre: Dark Dreams 3-1/2 triskeles

FYRE Dark Dreams is the first book of the series, based off of a slew of dreams and nightmares experienced by the author. It is available on Amazon.
 A lover of all things strange, N. M. Godlove plans to expand the genre of this series and create a cross-over into new realms. Follow @FyreBooks  on Twitter N. M. Godlove lives in NJ with her husband. infant daughter and four-legged child Lily.