Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday Selfie: Past, Present. Soul Mates and Time Travel

It was one of those weeks filled with good things. I finally put some more pieces in place for the launch of Three Worlds as a full-fledged publishing company including the website (click HERE to view version 0.5). I got to beta read for Bob Mayer and just heard I will be in the acknowledgements for the book. He is a powerhouse in the new world of publishing and I am thrilled and honored to have had this opportunity. I scheduled a trip for a long weekend to see a friend I have not seen in years and visit Salem … yes that Salem. I had a wonderful week with Sean. We had an unexpected dinner and evening mid-week. It was fun and special in part because his work schedule of rising with the chickens often makes weekday get-togethers.   I have been privy to another friend’s happiness in their relationship that is as deep and true as it gets. Talking to this friend reinforces my belief that soul mates exist and can be reunited in some lifetime.

Then last night Sean and I had yet another spectacular evening. No details, it’s not that kind of blog… just trust me on this.

Today was mellow. A few chores and hanging out on the neighbors’ porch until I could catch the next episode of Outlander. WOW, I love this series. No surprise that after one episode it was already picked up for a second season.  Besides a hot guy in a kilt and a strong female main character, it is about finding one’s place in the universe and one’s soul mate across time.  Some, like my friend above, are fortunate to find them in this life.  Some, like the fictional Claire, travel through time to find them.  In almost all cases, the journey to the soul mate is not easy. It comes with detours and complications. But one thing seems to remain true… soul mates, once they find each other, are bound heart and soul.  Circumstances and just life can separate them physically but they remain bound and like Jaime Frasier and Claire Randall they are eventually reunited. I think if we are open and honest, we will find them in this life or the next time around.

How interesting it would be to travel through time.  To see history played out before our eyes. But history is often (well pretty much always) romanticized and there is that alter the outcome temptation. The ultimate If I Knew Then What I Know Now. But for all the twists and turns in my life, I wouldn’t change a thing. I am in a really good place right now and becoming me. The me that is the result of everything I have done or experienced.  Who knows what the outcome will be but it is turning into one hell of a ride.  Thanks Sean for being part of that ride… you will end up in a novel of mine although probably under another pen name.

Would you time travel? To when?  Have you found your soul mate?