Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday Teaser: Release -1, an Excerpt from Awakening by Scott Wieczorek

Tomorrow Scott Wiecerzoerk's novel, Awakening will release in
eBook form. This post will be updated with links for purchase after the official release.

Last week, Scott visited the Grove to share about about himself and his writing process.

Today, we want to give you a taste of what you can expect and invite you to the online Facebook Release Party. There will be guest authors, trivia games and GIVEAWAYS.

In the meantime, here is a taste of Awakening, a world in which Angels are real and they are fighting for control over the human race.

Elena's face felt cold as the blood drained from it. She had not seen the woman's mouth move while she spoke. She sobered almost instantly, the hackles on her neck rising as she stared at the woman's cold smile. She recognized the voice in a moment of lucidity as the one she had heard at the airport, their tail, their stalker—one of the Opposition.
My mistress was right, the woman's voice continued. She told me it would be a matter of time before one of you two slipped up. The amazing thing is you both slipped up at the same time. The woman turned to Elena.
The woman stood nearly a whole foot shorter than Elena and appeared much more fragile. Elena tried to gauge whether or not she would be able to handle this woman on her own. She knew from experience Daimon men were quite powerful, but never expected such strength from females.
Let me clue you in on some secrets. First, Daimon men cannot handle their liquor. In fact, all Daimones are very quickly undone by alcohol. The woman eyed Elena up and down before saying, Second, you could never take me on. To illustrate her point, the small woman gripped the countertop and crushed a small section of it into powder.
"What do you want from me?" Elena asked.
The choice is simple, the woman replied mentally. Either come with me to see my mistress. Or...
"Or?" Elena asked, realizing she would regret this decision.
Or you and your companion die, the woman replied. A placid and sickly happy smile spread across her face as she said it.
The woman's evident pleasure at making such a dire threat sent a chill down Elena's spine. She conjured up the most severe feeling of pain she could imagine and directed it right at the Daimon woman as she had done to the other Daimon in Canada. However, instead of the anticipated effect of crippling pain she had seen in the Daimon man, the woman's eyes flashed, and then she laughed.
Silly girl, the woman said to her mentally. I am no mere weakling. Your foolish mind games have no effect on me.
Alec...I need your help! Elena cried out, hoping beyond hope he would hear and come to her aid.
The woman started laughing even louder. A terrifying grin crossed her face. He can't hear you. Alcohol impairs Daimon abilities. And Alec has had a few too many. I guess I shouldn't have bought him so many rounds!

Elena didn't wait for the woman to move. Filled with blind rage over being trapped by this woman, she pressed her attack. If her death was on the menu, then she would take this woman with her as dessert.


See you at the Awakening Release Party on Facebook TOMORROW at 9:00PM ET (GMT-5)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Interview with Scott Wieczorek Author of Awakening. Half-caf, Bigfoot and Angels

Today we welcome Scott Wieczorek to the Grove. Scott's third novel,Awakening will release next week in eBook form. We asked Scott to sit down with us and tell us something about his book and himself. We'll be back next week with an excerpt and links so you can have your own copy.

Storyteller’s Grove: Tell us about yourself and what brought you to writing?
Scott Wieczorek: I wanted to write since a young age. In truth, I had two passions—no three. I wanted to either be an archaeologist, a mercenary (as any '80s kid did when confronted with the "Red Threat"), or a

writer. Well I managed to complete two of those goals: I work as a professional archaeologist, and though I write plenty for my job, it's not what I really want to be writing, so I write fiction.
I guess I first got pulled into writing due to my passion for reading. When I was about seven years old, I read a book called Sphinx by Robin Cook, it was a thriller about Egyptology and a archaeologist/treasure hunter. It had everything, action, adventure, and secret societies. Since then my imagination has been alive with stories and tales, and I have been itching to put them to paper.

SG: Share with our readers a little about your book, Awakening.
Scott: Awakening is my third novel and the first in a new series. It has everything—romance, action, adventure, secret societies, and a fast pace. Elena Michaels is a college student whose life turns upside down. After meeting a mysterious stranger on campus, she is pulled into a world of myth, fantasy, and science where she becomes the target of an ancient race of Angels who are hell-bent on world domination. On the run, she needs to reach the only one who can help her survive and save mankind.

SG: What made you choose to publish through a smaller independent press?
Scott: I self-published my first two novels, Byron: A Zombie Tale, and Witness Through Time, after having a tremendous amount of trouble finding a publisher to take them. I had even approached a few agents and met constant rejection. So I decided to just put them out there and see what happened. Basically, they gave me the confidence to keep writing and to finally land a publisher. My third novel, Awakening is being released through Lycaon Press on September 10th. I am so excited!
Witness Through Time will be re-release through Three Worlds Press later this year.

SG: What do you love about writing? Hate?
Scott: What I love about writing is being able to express my creativity in a form I love. From the age of about six or so, I have been writing all sorts of stories. My preference has always been for horror. In essence, I get to do what I love.
What do I hate about it? Nothing, really. My frustrations are more with the how hard it is to get a publisher to look at you. But that all comes with time.

SG:What do you love to eat while writing?
Scott: I generally don't eat while writing. I can sit in front of the computers for hours on end at times and just forget about anything and everything. It's weird—I get in the zone and nothing else exists. Of course, that's when I have time to write.

SG: What do you love to drink while writing?
Scott: Usually while writing, I'll be drinking a cup of coffee—either half-caf or decaf. Don't need the top of my head popping off from high-blood pressure *laughs*.

SG: If you could be a character in a book or movie, who and why?
Scott: Harry Keogh from Brian Lumley's Necroscope Series. Harry was a levelheaded man who could do amazing things with his mind. He could speak with the teeming dead, learn their secrets, and in the end even call them back from the grave. He could see people's destinies through holes in time/space, and even cheated death. It would be fascinating to have his abilities and see the things he has seen.

SG:  Do you believe in Bigfoot?
Scott: I think a more important question is: Does Bigfoot believe in me? I mean, there has been a lot of documentation for cryptozoological species that defy logic and reason. There are bound to be species we have not identified—independent evolution has spun off such amazing creatures. It's definitely plausible enough to see something like it could exist. Perhaps a genetic variation on Neanderthal previously undiscovered. What makes it more plausible is there being independent legends on multiple continents of a similar creature (Yeti and Bigfoot). And if I had his support and backing for my book—wow! What a sponsorship, huh? Stamping the cover with "Bigfoot Approved!"

SG: If you were on an island and could only bring 3 things, what would you bring?
Scott:I am guessing this would be a deserted island. The three things I would bring are:
1) A picture of my family—I couldn't see myself living without them.
2) A good knife—it's probably one of the most versatile implements to have in any situation.

3) A satellite phone with built-in GPS—I'm not stupid, I'd want to get rescued. Of course with my luck, the battery would be dead and I would be SOL!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Thursday Thoughts from Staycation: Where is My Head At?

I am on a staycation this week from the day job. This has given me some extra time to work on the house and the preparations for launching Three Worlds Press. I have been reading some of the initial submissions and editing one of the first releases. I also have been reading already released novels for future reviews.

On the Three Worlds Press website, we have submission guidelines that are primarily mechanical: font, margins, page breaks etc. We do HIGHLY recommend that an author polish their manuscript before submitting. I have edited and read many manuscripts, published novels and articles (I have also edited for several ezines and websites).One of my current pet peeves is:

Headhopping- applies to fiction. Please, please, please use only ONE point of view per scene, preferably per chapter. Consciously or not, readers are derailed by sudden, repeated and unacknowledged point of

view shifts. For those who do not know what this refers to: point of view (POV) is the character who is the camera lens through which the reader views the scene. The reader can only know that which that character knows.
For example if Mary is the POV character we could know that she has a little lamb and that its fleece was white as snow. We could also know that the lamb follows her everywhere.

We CANNOT know that the lamb follows Mary because it is afraid of the big bad wolf zombie that Mary is unaware of and and because it is the runt of the herd and has an enormous inferiority complex.Mary cannot read the lamb's mind. However, if the lamb talks, then we could be told all this through dialogue and other nuances of behavior when Mary and Larry the Lamb stop for a snack under an apple tree.

But since Mary is my POV character and Larry can't talk.... I, as the reader, don't know anything about this until the big bad wolf zombie jumps out from behind the tree.

Another post will cover: 2 words, hyphenated or compound? subtitle: Do you know where the online dictionary is?