Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday Teaser: Amanda Marie's Scandalous Endeavors ... The Lady has a Plan

The story behind the story...

They say that every story has another story behind it. For Scandalous Endeavors that is certainly true. In fact it has two stories behind it, and one of those stories also has a story behind it.

It all started twelve years ago when I was touched by the loss of someone very close to me. I grieved and withdrew for a bit but did not start writing. The experience touched me in a way that changed me forever. Still I had no desire to write about it or to share it. Like Amelia says in Scandalous Endeavors, “Her grief belonged to her, not the ton.” Nine years passed before writing about my experience ever came to light.

I was working on my master’s degree and enrolled in a creative writing course. One of the assignments was to write a short story. I had no idea what to write and spent a considerable amount of time trying to dream up a plot and characters. At my wits end someone told me to write what I know. I took that advice and crafted a story about my experience years before.

In the end I had a goodish new adult short story that earned me an A in the course. I liked what I had and thought about turning it into a full book. Two more years passed while the story grew crusty on my hard drive before I opened the document again. During that time I had decided that I wanted to write historical romance not new adult. It meant that 98% of my short story had to be scrapped. Maybe I would never write a book, I would just be content with teaching and editing.

With my mind made up, I quit thinking about writing until that day when I started writing Scandalous Endeavors. So what happened to get me writing you ask? Looking back on that day it is humorous but at the time I was none too pleased.

It started like any other day. I took my kids to school and went to work. After work I picked up my kids, went home, and started in on my after school tasks. Helped my kids with their homework, checked my email, cleaned up. All of my normal things I do most days. Then my husband came home from work in a foul mood. After a bit we began bickering about something so stupid that I no longer remember what caused the dispute. 

But I was so angry that I did not want to be available to talk or be talked to. I needed to make myself busy but had nothing to do. Before I had time to think about it my laptop was resting on my legs and I was typing like mad. I opened up that old short story and deleted everything except the opening scene. By the time I felt sociable again two chapters were written and Scandalous Endeavors had been born.

The first chapter was shaped from that long ago written short stories first scene though the only element that remained was the raw emotion I had shared. You see that short story was based closely on my real life experience with loss. The first scene in Scandalous Endeavors is purely fictional. The heroine, Amelia, has lost her father and the book opens with her at the funeral. My father is alive, but I have experienced life shattering loss and drew on those emotions.

Scandalous Endeavors is the story that emerged when I stopped thinking about writing and just wrote. It was born of a life experience, a class assignment, and a marital dispute. Now it is a source of great pleasure. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Lady Amelia has only known the comfort of life in mid-eighteenth century English aristocracy. But
when first her mother and then her father die, she finds herself alone, grief stricken and….. not of age. Her appointed guardian, an American uncle, has ordered her travel to his plantation where she must remain for at least two years when she will come of age.
With the help of Lady Grace and Lady Sarah, Lady Amelia gets her uncle to agree to give her four weeks to settle her affairs and unbeknownst to him…find an English lord to marry so she can remain in her beloved England. Despite her mourning period she endeavors to trap one of London’s eligible bachelors in matrimony.
Lord Goldstone, Lady Grace’s nephew is devilishly handsome, but a Scottish Duke and so entirely unacceptable as a possible husband. After all Scotland is not her beloved London and environs. He also has a nasty habit of showing up at all the wrong moments and thwarting her carefully laid plans to ensnare a suitable husband. Sparks fly as the pair find themselves at odds with each other and drawn to each other at the same time. Can they find a way to stop arguing long enough to explore their growing passion? Is it strong enough to make Lady Amelia give up her English home after all? Or will Lady Amelia find a suitable English lord and avoid social exile in America? Time is running out.

Lord Roseington wrapped his arms around her and stood up, setting her on her feet. “Yes, Amelia, everything is okay now.” He reached up and removed her arms from around him, then took a step back. “We must stop winding up in these situations before we cause a scandal.”

She looked at him through hooded eyes. “‘Tis a wonder we haven’t already.”

A man cleared his voice behind her.

Amelia turned her head, already knowing who had caught them. “Lord Goldstone, you mustn’t trouble yourself with keeping our secret.”

“What she means to say is that there is no secret to be kept. Amelia carelessly got close enough to the hearth to catch her skirts ablaze. I could not very well let her burn up.”

“No, Roseington, you were obliged to help. I am glad to know that you were not taking advantage of our dear Amelia.” He glanced at her and flashed a rakish smirk. “Indeed, you are a hero. Let us go share the story while Amelia changes her charred gown.”

She tried her hardest to shoot daggers at him from her narrowed glare. His grin only deepened at the attempt, which increased her ire. “Don’t you dare tell a soul. I would most definitely perish from the embarrassment!” Amelia spat the words out with anger and annoyance. How dare he ruin everything for a second time, and then jest about sharing her humiliation. If he were not Scottish, she would trap him instead. That would teach him a lesson.

“Do not worry your head over it, Lady Amelia. We will not breathe a word of this little mishap,” Lord Roseington said. “Right, Goldstone?”

“Of course not. All of your secrets are safe with me.” He winked.

Amelia blushed at what he had implied. “Thank you. Now that it is settled I am going to retire for the evening. Enjoy the rest of the party. Lord Roseington, Lord Goldstone.” She inclined her head to them before spinning on her heels and speeding from the room.

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Amanda Marie dreams of days gone by when life moved at a slower pace. She enjoys taking pen to paper and exploring historical time periods through her imagination and the written word. Her hobbies include reading, writing, crocheting, traveling, photography, and spending time with her family. Some of Amanda Marie's favorite places in the continental U.S. are Harper's Ferry West Virginia and Sea Brook New Hampshire. She loves the history that surrounds them and visits them every chance she gets.
Amanda Marie lives along the Lake Huron shore line in northern Michigan with her husband and two kids. She holds a Master of Liberal Arts Degree with a concentration in literature and has a long standing love affair with sugary junk food.
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Scandalous Endeavors is published by Three Worlds Press. For more information on this book or their other works please visit: Three Worlds Press.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tuesday Teaser: Nothing to Wear, book #1 of Dear Maude by Sally Max

There is something special about red letter days in Byron and Kit's household. Ever since becoming
man and wife, they always seem to have extra fun on holidays.
It's New Year's Eve and Kit is having a major problem. Her husband, Byron tries to help, but can't. The dilemma is monstrous. How can they overcome the insurmountable odds?
Within hours of the party, and she doesn't have anything to wear...
As a memento of those occasions, Kit is writing away in Maude, her diary.
A girl has got to have something to read when she is old and gray, to make her hot and bothered.

Dear Diary,
Diary, I’m going to call you Maude. That’s okay, right? ‘Cause I really don’t like the idea that I’m recording this in a journal. It seems overdone, clichĂ©, and trite. However, when I’m old and almost senile in a nursing home, I want to go back and read you, and then get all hot and bothered, be able to hide some Viagra in Byron’s applesauce, and have my way with him. I may need to remind him of who I am, but that will only make it more exciting. We’ve role-played some before, so it will be a different flavor of sponge bath, whose teeth are those, or bobbing for catheters.
It seems like every major holiday, we have the most amazing time. Don’t get me wrong. We have fun on other days of the week too, but special occasions, well, they’re usually extra noteworthy. Sometimes it’s the location, or we are experimenting with something new. It is just more fun. Maybe it’s that we want to celebrate when a holiday is on the calendar. Any red-letter day is special to us! ...
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Meet the Author
After not being able to answer, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” when she was little, Sally Max decided she wouldn’t settle on just one profession. Instead, she lives vicariously through her characters on the page, and gets a taste of every possible scenario she can imagine.
 Sally Max currently resides in central Florida with her fiancĂ© and a rambunctious black and white tuxedo kitty.
 See what Sally is up to at www.sallymax.com

Nothing to Wear is published by Three Worlds Press. For more information on this book or their other works please visit: Three Worlds Press.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

TUESDAY TEASER:Ulfric's Mate by Leona Bushman from Three Worlds Press NEW COVER & More

In today's TUESDAY TEASER you get a sneak peek at the NEW cover for the re-release of an even MORE AWESOME Ulfric's Mate by Leona Bushman,

I am thrilled that Leona has chosen Three Worlds Press as her publisher and even more thrilled to have her as my Head Editor. 

Ulfric's Mate

Killers are attacking the pregnant weres of Nolan Littlebull’s pack, the Wahpawhats. Can he catch them without destroying his own chance at happiness?

Alex George, only half Native and half were, was a misfit with the Lupin pack despite being the healer. Roxy, the ruthless Lupa, wants her for something nefarious, but Alex doesn’t know what. She will join with Nolan, Ulfric of the Lupins rival pack, to bring Roxy to justice, but will it cost her her life?

Even worse, all signs pointed to Nolan being her mate. The wolf in him calls to hers, and his honor and strength—not to mention downright sexiness—calls to her as a woman. But their joining could tear apart two packs.

Can they bring the killers to justice—pack or human, work through pack politics, and be together? Can they even survive?

Ulfric's Mate has been given a shiny new makeover and is the next scheduled release from Three Worlds Press.

It is expected out on Black Friday, November 28,2014. Watch the Three World's Facebook page for the release.

Without further ado.........

Pretty awesome don't you think? And the insides are just as hot. 

Need something to read while you wait? Visit the Three Worlds Press website for our new release from Sally Max: 

All eBooks will be available for the Kindle, Nook and Kobo apps on your electronic devices. Print versions where applicable will be available in early 2015