Friday, February 27, 2015

Authors in the Round..NEW Radio show JOIN US March 1

Authors in the Round
March 1, 2015
Fennell, Gracen, and Mariel
Join us for a lively discussion with these talented authors. They will share bits of their latest novels, their journey to bestsellers, what makes them tick and anything else that comes up. Come to the fireside room of Murray Grove to meet them or listen/watch online and ask your questions in the chatroom. Light fare will be available. Your host for this adventure into the world of writing is Karen Kenney Smith, author and President of Three Worlds Press
Location: Murray Grove Retreat and Renewal Center
431 US Hwy 9 (and Church Lane), Lanoka Harbor, NJ 08734
Questions call 609-618-1278
LIVESTREAM VIDEO by 40footholestudio for WORDS from "In The Hole"
click this link at show time.
we do ask that you still use our FB chatroom, if possible, to partake in the conversations with the Authors
Audio only (if you are not video compatible) Listen here:

Another fine Production

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Elven Warriors, Cover, and a Birthday!

What better birthday gift can I give to one of my team members and all around AWESOME person, Sheri Velarde, than to share with my equally terrific followers the cover and a quick introduction to her upcoming book, Quest for Redemption.

So Happy Birthday and Reveal Day, Sheri!


The fate of the realms rests on the hands of an elven princess yet to prove herself and an orphan just learning his powers. 

Zanna is an elven warrior princess, who seems to have it all, yet really has nothing. Her fate is not in her own hands. Instead, it is bound to an ancient magic she has no control over. She wants to rule the elves, yet must prove herself worthy before she is accepted. She also wants to find her mate, but after two thousand years, didn't hold much hope. 

Her existence has become mundane, and she craves something new. A routine assignment suddenly turns into something bigger that could ruin all of them. Is she strong enough to save the world and find her own happiness too? Can she change and help change the fate of the world with her? 

Will is an orphan who has always been confused by his strangeness. He keeps himself apart, separate from those around him. A chance meeting with a remarkable woman changes everything. He not only learns about himself, but about a whole other world that he is a part of by birthright. 

However the father that abandoned him as an infant stands to ruin his future and the future of the world unless he can be stopped. Will and Zanna must face loved ones who work against them and their past as well as find the strength to fight a bigger enemy and save the realms from evil. 

Can love, friendship, family, and acceptance defeat evil before it brings the realms crashing down? Can Zanna prove herself worthy to rule the kingdom?
Sounds great, RIGHT! Now here's the gorgeous cover that goes with this exciting story!

 I absolutely love it...don't you?

So who is Sheri Velarde, how can you follow her and know when you can pre-order this book?

Read On!

Sheri Velarde is an author, artist, independent comic creator and jewelry designer out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is a creative soul with eclectic taste and style when it comes to her art and writing. Sheri is a multi-publisher romance author who is now branching into fantasy as well with her Defender of the Realms series. When not creating (which her fiancé argues is never), Sheri can be found spending time with her fiancé and their two dogs, reading, watching fantasy movies, attending metal concerts and just taking time to stop and enjoy life.
You can view Sheri’s work on her website/blog:, on her Facebook author page:, and on Twitter at

Quest for Redemption will be out on Three Worlds Press soon!

First Day of Spring: Imbolc, Publishing and a Cover Reveal Coming

Blessed Imbolc!

Today marks on the modern Catholic calendar, St. Brigid's Day, the patroness of Ireland. While the modern calendar says winter and in some places snow is on the ground, on the old calendar it is an approximate date for Imbolc, the first day of Spring. It translates from Old Irish as "in the belly" and is said marked the pregnancy of the ewes. It is one of the fire festivals, or major festivals, on the Druid calendar. With Beltane, it is one of the two that are goddess-centered days.  There are several traditional ways to mark Imbolc/St Brigid's Day. Many of these carry whispers of pre-christian traditions.

This is a symbolic time for me. In November, just after Samhain (the Celtic New Year) I launched Three Worlds Press as a full-fledged publishing company. The early months have been exciting. As with the Spring, we are poised for the new, explosive growth of Spring. Everything smells new, green and earthy. Who cares if snow is in the forecast for today.

Pay attention...this is a double blog day as a cover reveal from Three Worlds Press follows shortly!

I want to share just a few links with you to explore and celebrate.

From the Irish Central website:

Wikipedia gives an acceptable overview here:

Imbolc is the date of the second event on my upcoming novel Dark Dealings. While Micaela does not realized it, the event marks the beginning of a new cycle of her life and the birth of her "true" self in a dangerous world of magic, vampires and shapeshifters .