Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Are You Planting the Seeds of Success?

I was at a loss for an idea for today’s post. So what  did I do?  I asked.  Specifically, I posted on Facebook.  A friend suggested that I post about “editing tips for those who suck at it.” I was flattered. It meant that someone thought I knew something about the topic. I do a fair amount of editing for others and they have been pleased enough with my work to recommend me to others. But the mind will go where it will and this request started me thinking in terms of a bigger picture.
Don’t worry, the editing tips (developmental editing) will come later.
I have been in the business world for several decades now. I have spent time working for a Wall Street firm, a major national bank. I have taught high school sophomores Geometry and owned a gourmet shop.  Everything I what I have done has revolved around what most would call “selling.” And before you ask, let me see you keep the attention of five classes of 15 year-olds everyday while you try to convince them that theorems and postulates are good, important, useful and FUN.
One of the things I learned from all this and that I have applied to my passion for writing, publishing and promoting is to always be planting seeds.
I’ll bet you thought I’d say…always be selling. NO!
Don’t sell. Use your talents and gifts to fill a need.
Present the benefits of your product to those who have a need. Water with mutually beneficial contact. Let it mature and grow into a desire and both parties will win.
My passion for writing was ignited a few years ago and shows no sign of diminishing.  Am I a NYT bestseller. Not Yet. Will I be walking the red carpet at the premier of the movie version. Not yet.
But I plant seeds.  I share my enthusiasm because I AM excited about what I do.  Enthusiasm is contagious.  People want to know more about my book, Dark Dealings. They ask questions: why vampires, why druids, how did I get started, when is the next book coming out?  Then a wonderful thing happens--- they share their dreams of writing or that they written something. Or perhaps, they open up about their own particular passion: music, art, a sport, a charity you would be amazed and energized by the excitement that comes back to you. I have met some amazing people, some who have become readers, fans and/or clients.
In the current world of publishing, many are trying to out-shout the others and sell their book.  I am a builder. There are times for sprinting, in writing and promotion. But a sprint is just that—a short and quick.
Success in anything is a marathon. A long trip. Won step-by-step, mile-by-mile. One handshake, one word at a time.
   Me? I’m a marathoner. I spent years studying the craft of writing and I learn more everyday. I study and observe social media and marketing. I want to reach all my potential fans.  And regardless of what format someone buys my book in they want to connect with the author.
I am working with some wonderful upcoming authors to share what I have learned, am learning and my experiences. I format books for others to help add the final shine of a professional look. All along the way, I am having a blast and …..
Planting seeds.


  1. Well said, K. Vic. I continue to learn every day too. I never settle for "good enough."

  2. Thank you Karen. I truly believe that if you aren't learning and growing it is time to just lay down and as the Irish say "turn your face to the wall"

    Ciss, thank you. Love you blog...followed.

  3. I love this post. I am so excited about what I do that I think some people either think it's fake or I'm crazy, but I'm genuinely that excited to have a dream that transcends me and my lifetime. I feel like it's the best gift I could have ever been given.

    1. I know what you mean. In the beginning, I held back when some reacted as if I was "off". But then, I realized that the issue was that they had not found or embraced their passion. I think, WE have to be there to show, through genuine excitement, what is possible. Go for it Jaime! Keep me posted on the wonderful things that will come because you are pursuing your dream.

    2. Absolutely! And same to you. :)