Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday Teaser: Is Love Enough: Book Two Michele Grogan's Forbidden Love Series

This week, we feature an excerpt from Michele Grogan’s Is Love Enough? Book Two of the Forbidden Love series.

Author’s Synopsis
In this sequel to Forbidden Love, Jessica Alvarez tries to answer the question - is love enough? - when it comes to moving forward in a relationship with Jake. But that question might not be easy to answer when a new foe arrives in town and is determined to wreak havoc no matter the cost. 

Luis Alvarez does everything in his power to support his daughter while exploring his own love life and dealing with unexpected circumstances of his past. But when a new threat comes to town, will he be able to protect everyone he cares about or will he have to endure losing someone close to him? 

Jake Rousseau put his heart on the line when he fell in love with Jessica - will he be able to give Jessica what she wants without his heart being ripped to shreds...again? 

“I need you to double-check these numbers from the casino; I think Carlos might be trying to skim off the top again. He’s going to need to be dealt with.”

Jake took the file and quickly flipped through it. “If there are any problems, I’ll send Marco down there.”

“No. I need you to handle this personally,” Johnny said, still not looking at his friend as he sat on the couch, the crystal tumbler clutched in his hand. If Sara knew what he was doing, she would have had a fit. It was a good thing she was out with the kids.

“Johnny, it’s not possible for me to leave right now.”

“You’re the best I have, Jake, and I know I can trust you to handle Carlos.”

“Marco has dealt with him before and he’s more than capable of doing it, Johnny,” Jake said patiently.

“Well, obviously Marco’s last warning was not good enough if Carlos is skimming again! You personally handling this will get the message across loud and clear, Jake.”

“I can’t.”

Johnny looked at the man he considered as his right hand, the man who had been by his side as he had made the empire his father had started bigger and better than his thug of a father ever could have imagined. The man he took under his wing and considered his brother…considered family was out and out defying him.

Trying to maintain some semblance of patience, Johnny said, “I gave you an order, Jake.”

Jake’s right eyebrow rose slightly. “I’m sorry, Johnny. I will check the numbers and if there’s a problem Marco will handle it as I see fit – per his report back to me. Other than that, I am not leaving Donovan’s Harbor any time soon.”

Shaking his head, Johnny put the cut crystal tumbler on the coffee table. “So you’re willing to throw it all away for her?”

“I’m not throwing anything away, Johnny,” Jake began but was cut off.

“The hell you’re not!” Johnny shouted, finally letting the pent up anger he had toward his friend out. “You are throwing away our friendship for that bitch and for what, Jake? A roll in the sack with an enemy’s daughter? Stick it to Alvarez? That’s what this is all about, isn’t it?”

Jake was across the room so fast Johnny barely saw him move until he was backed up against the mantle. 

“The reason you don’t have a bullet in your head right now is because I respect you too much. But I will tell you this, Johnny, don’t you ever disrespect Jessica again. I have put up with a lot of your bull over the years without a word and I would never speak that way about Sara, so don’t you start.”

Johnny was pinned there by Jake’s steel blue eyes. Johnny knew that was the last thing people saw before they met their maker at this man’s hands and Johnny could have sworn his own life flashed before his eyes. Finally breaking the hold Jake had on him, Johnny blinked and nodded. He knew he had gone too far, but he wasn’t about to admit it out loud.

“What the hell is going on?” Sara asked as she walked into the apartment with the kids following close behind her.

Johnny and Jake stared at each other down a moment longer and then nodded to each other, coming to a silent understanding. Johnny didn’t want Sara involved in and he knew Jake didn’t either. Jake backed off.

Michelle Grogan began writing down stories in the 7th grade. In college her writing transitioned to what is now called flash fiction and fan fiction before going back to creating her own stories. Michelle is also a Literacy Specialist/Coach where she currently coaches teachers on how to improve their students writing skills.

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