Sunday, July 6, 2014

Jumping Back In: Confidence, Auras, Law of Attraction in Dating and More

So Sean and I continue to see each other, dinners, concerts, and quiet evenings on a porch or deck. It’s fun and neither of us seem to be in any rush to make it serious. What is interesting is how that fun and relaxation seems to impact the universe. People I know well keep telling me how great I look when nothing has physically changed about me, including that 20 pounds that HAS TO GO!

I’m no cover model but I’m attractive enough that I’ve gotten sufficient attention from men. But as I said in the first of this series, I hadn’t met anyone that I really wanted to spend time with that was available and not a hot mess. Since then, I’ve had several overtures from other men. One is a musician, who actually has a real paying job and is available…the hot mess question remains unanswered and he lives too far away. Another is a writer friend, who only half joking, invited me to move to Western Canada and marry him. I think he wants me for my passport. He is available and may be a hot mess and is definitely too far away. There are others but I want to keep this brief.

So why the sudden attention? I am a believer in the Law of Attraction and, if you’ve read Dark Dealings  (look to your right), in auras. I think that what YOU believe changes your aura and so changes what you attract. The vast majority of people cannot see auras, but they sense them at a very primitive level. It is why, I can meet so many people who will be just friends or not even that. When I met Sean, it was not love at first sight, but there was an instant comfort level that made many things feel easy and familiar for both of us. Perhaps our auras are compatible, perhaps we knew each other in a past life.  That is a discussion for a later post.

I had made a decision when I joined the online dating site, to open myself up (cautiously) to the possibility. Once I was open to that, others seemed to pick up on that and a received more compliments, flirtations, and it extends to my professional life.

I have been asked to be a member of a panel on women’s empowerment, invited to return to my role or more in an annual conference for 2015. My goal of launching my LLC as a full-fledged publishing company is gaining momentum daily. The day job continues to go well, but that is there to pay the bills until the rest of this can replace it. Is everyday glorious…HELL NO. It’s life and it has its bumps small and large.  I look forward to this October panel and am using it as a deadline to see how many of my other goals I can advance by then.

Oh and Sean is a smoker. I don’t smoke and know that is a personal decision. However, he smokes on my front porch and has been informed that if we are still seeing each other come winter, snow or no snow, it’s still the porch. He’s finding out, bit by bit, that I am who I am. I am more comfortable in my own skin than I have ever been. The proviso to that is I will not give up my goals and dreams to suit another.  It’s a package deal. And a pretty great package too, at least I think so. Nor would I ask another to change their dreams and goals for me. The trick is to find a partner who will grow alongside you.

Law of Attraction includes knowing the difference between confidence and arrogance. Confidence is knowing your value; Arrogance is thinking you are more valuable than others and that they should believe it, too. Confidence is knowing you aren't perfect, no one is but you like you for all that you are. You are on your journey and it's towards a more authentic you. I'm on my journey, too.

Dating or anywhere else in your life know your value and you will attract people of value who will recognize a kindred spirit.

More updates next week on Sean and other topics.

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