Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ivy Vines, Visions: Love in the Time of Apocalypse--A Review

Ivy Vines, Visions, Love in the Apocalypse
Author's Synopsis
Moving to Sedona was the only way Ivy could think of to start over. She would meet her high school sweetheart and work on making things right between them. Her psychic abilities were gradually becoming a curse and she needed a new start. Little does she know that when she applies for a waitressing job at a local, upscale French bistro, she will come in contact with the dark and mysterious Eli Dubois. What she doesn’t realize is she has just walked into the middle of the Vortex Murders, which involve a great deal of paranormal activity. Elijah’s army of seers are being murdered, one by one, which seems to be magnifying Ivy’s special abilities. 

Eli's best friend, Jake, arrives on the scene and reveals the secret that changes everything. With nowhere to turn, Ivy leans on the two men who offer her solace. And who is the old woman in the shroud? Is she a vision, a dream, or is she real? Only time will tell.

Ivy Vines, Visions is the first book of a series that is another take on the events leading up to the End Times. The central character is Ivy Vines a young woman with psychic gifts that becomes the focal point of the coming battle between good and evil.

A note: This novel involves many religious/biblical symbols and themes which may not be everyone's cup of tea. But if you enjoy a good paranormal regardless of the roots of the story then read on.

The setting is Sedona Arizona, a place of beauty and mystical locations which I hope will be further incorporated into future installments. Ivy has come there to be with her old boyfriend, Michael and perhaps rekindle their romance and her best friend from childhood Simone. Through them Ivy is introduced to Eli and his friends, who are poised to battle Lucifer and help bring the Deliverer into the world. Jake is Eli's right hand and best friend. But there is trouble in paradise and in personal relationships. And the two are linked.

This novel is well written and shows Ms Serrano's prior experience as an author. There are no major gaps in the story. I did wonder what role the ex-boyfriend Michael would play beyond getting her to Sedona. There are some interesting twists and surprises. And the ending is exciting and includes a cliffhanger.

 The cover is eye-catching and gives the reader a sense of what kind of ride they are about to embark on. It is reasonably well-edited without a significant number of errors and none of the abrupt point of view shifts that are so irritating in other works I have read.

This was an enjoyable read and Storyteller's Grove gives it 4 of 5 triskeles.


 Judy Serrano graduated from Texas A&M University, Commerce with a BA in English. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Dallas Area Romance Authors. She spends her days writing on her laptop and living in her imagination, when she can steal a private moment. She is the author of "Easter's Lilly," "Brother Number Three," "Relatively Close" and "Memoirs of a Mobster."

Judy currently resides in Texas with her husband, four children (all boys) and five dogs. She is also a singer/songwriter in her spare time.

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