Monday, July 14, 2014

Jumping Back In: Romance, Writing, Curveballs and Nightmares

So a quiet week on the romance front…hey everyone needs a breather now and then. But I think (crosses fingers) that I may be able to get a routine going. My dad who was in the hospital for a month and then in a rehab facility for a month has been home for a month now and doing okay.

What can you say, he is 81 years old and 8 years into an emphysema diagnosis. Fifty years of smoking will do that. He has had two occurrences of aggressive sarcoma-type skin cancer that required lots of radiation. But things are stable and he has adjusted to his new normal.

Life always throws curveballs and the last two years has been replete with changes and curveballs. But I remain positive about the future.

Things are good at the day job and so far so good with Sean. I am chipping away at some home/personal to-dos that were pushed to the side.  I have turned my focus now to writing, editing and publishing. So many doors are appearing and will open that it is occasionally daunting. But that’s top secret stuff for now.

As a writer, my biggest dilemma is what to work on. During all the bumps and detours, I have accumulated a collection of projects in various states of development.  One is a full manuscript, Ogham Court that dates back to NaNoWriMo 2012. It is a great concept but writing that much in 30 days left a ton of edits to do.
It’s a paraquel to Dark Dealings. Then there is the beginnings of a sequel to Dark Dealings, tentatively titled Dark Moon.  It is in the plotting/slash writing stage but Dark Dealings screams to be followed up on.  There are two (or is it three) novellas that are in process and a sketch of a prequel to Dark Dealings floating in my head. Oh and then there is an erotica piece that may get published under a different name.

I need to pick no more than two projects and FOCUS. Ogham Court must be finished, I think. It has good bones and to have 60,000 words unpolished frustrates me and I think impedes progress on other fronts. I think despite the others being further along I must get the next part of Micaela’s (Dark Dealings) story out. 

Of course that’s what I think. We’ll see what the characters tell me to do. They can be so demanding sometimes. I won’t even think about the strange nightmarish dream I had that when I described it to Sean he said…. Another novel? As I said, he has potential.

How do you handle multiple projects/priorities in any area of your life: creative, job, home, wherever?

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