Monday, June 30, 2014

Jumping Back In: Jameson, Burgers and Blarney

So when last we spoke, I had cancelled dinner with Dinner Guy because my father’s home health aide cancelled at the last moment. He was polite and supported taking care of Dad first. There was no indication of a follow-up from him. Hey, it’s online dating…next.

Then the following day, he messages to see how things went with my father and how about we try again on Monday.  So on Saturday I met diner guy for lunch and on Sunday, I met Starbucks Guy. To see how those went, see my previous blog.

Monday rolls around and I stop at my father’s place. The aide is supposed to be there at 5. 5:05 and no aide…not panicking. 5:10, 5:15…

This cannot be happening AGAIN. I’m supposed to meet him at 6:00 at a pub 30 minutes away.
5:19… I see what may be the new aide headed across the parking lot. Thank the universe it’s her. I make sure they are squared away and jet to my car. I text him, I’m on my way. I feel like the White Rabbit at this point….

He messages back that he is running a bit late and will be there by 6:15. I breathe a massive sigh of relief.

It’s a beautiful evening and town is packed even for a Monday. But we score a table outside and it’s 2 for 1 burger night and the burgers are great.  So Sean (Dinner guy needs a name at this point) is older than me and a widower for over two years. Hmmmm, note to self: If I am invited to his house check the basement and yard for anomalous mounds while holding tight to car keys. It is online dating afterall. No screening for serial killers that I could see,

Sean isn’t his real name. But his face is the map of Ireland. No surprise, both his parents came from Donegal. He is the baby of 13 and from the town next to the one I grew up in. He attended one of the corresponding boys’ high schools. The two towns had, back then, three all-girl high schools and three all-boy high schools. I used to go to dances at his high school but he had graduated by then.

Sean orders Jameson Whiskey (what a surprise) and I order a glass of wine. By the time the waitress has brought his first drink, he has charmed her socks off… we are in public after all. I’m already laughing. A bit if the Blarney, methinks.  It’s relaxed and downright comfortable.

Dinner was great and we sat on my front porch having a nightcap and talking for hours. But it was a work night so it was left at next time…

Potential? Or big brother?

And what happens to you when you have the confident glow that actually connecting with someone brings? There are other fish in the sea,,,right?

Later folks….. Places to go, people to see.