Friday, June 10, 2011

Why the Vampires Won't Talk to Me

So my last post was about my list.  I’m good at lists as you might have surmised.  What I’m not so good at is making me a priority.  When I went back to my last post, I realized that the whole diet, exercise, reading part was almost an aside.  At the same time, I was internally lamenting my lack of progress on my writing projects.  Dark Dealings is nearly complete; feedback from betas is starting to come in.  That will give me some editorial work to do, but I need to get the creative side going.  My vampires are not talking to me right now.  Neither are the Druids and shapeshifters.

Being just a little over-analytical (ya think), I rewound the mental video to the early stages of Dark Dealings to look for the things I did differently.  Some interesting things emerged from this.  I did a lot of my first draft writing in quiet places, like my home office or the back room on the first floor, with only some music in the background (NO TV).  I took exercise seriously by hitting the gym or walking five or six days a week (I was 15 pounds lighter).  And I stayed off Facebook—I since built a Twitter platform and this blog, too.  Last night I set up my Facebook author page.  It’s definitely a work in progress.

I know that the last point is important to publishing and selling Dark Dealings and my future works.  I am told Urban Fantasy, vampires, werewolves is a crowded field.  Not so much for the modern Druids that populate my real world universe.  To make my only slightly romantic novel a success I need to work hard at the platform thing.   I can’t change that part of process.

BUT, for my writing and my health I need to work my own personal magic on myself.  The exercise worked off the stress of the day job and other stuff and the quiet space opened me up to the voices in my head so my characters could have their say.  So today, during my lunch break, I’m going to sit with my DayTimer and schedule time for me.

How about you, what do you do for you and what are the benefits you get from it?  Have you sraed from those habits the way I have?


  1. I've totally strayed, although more for medical reasons than anything else. I've found that when I'm exercising regularly I eat more healthily and sleep FAR better. I'm healthier all round, apart from also being lighter.

    Having the right atmosphere in which to write is also tremendously important, but I just know I'm far happier in myself when I'm exercising properly. Good luck with the new schedule :)

  2. Your post made me think about my own situation. I'm nearing the end of revising my WIP but I recently moved my computer from upstairs (my office) to the dining room. Ostensibly to squeeze in more writing time around being a mom, cooking, and cleaning. I'm on it more, but not to write. You inspired me to look back and see what was working when I first wrote it. I didn't have a toddler then (big change) but I think the computer needs to go back upstairs. Thanks for making me think!