Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quick Walking Update

Day 5-16 to go

Added some running to part of the 3.5 mile route.  So far I have cut 9 minutes off my time.  Have also done a BME outline for Ogham.  I've added characters not seen in the my unpublished (with good reason) short story.  One of them, Padraig, is intriguing me.  He is turning into a pile of contradictions and that's always fun.  As I was running a backstory scene for Nora popped into my head. Scene will not appear directly in story but will come up in her present, perhaps in a conversation with her mother. It exemplifies Nora's relationship with her Mom.

So how is every one else doing.  Have you started the 21 day walk to change?

More tomorrow, including a great post from another blogger that I have permission to share.