Saturday, May 24, 2014

Jumping Back in the Pool...Maybe, One Writer's Viewpoint Part 1

So normally I blog about books (reviews, etc.). Rarely do I talk personal stuff, but this is too good not to share. 

It's been over a year since the final decree and I've been ready to start over. The last year has seen a host of changes and transitions for me. But then life is a journey.

Without revealing my age (a lady never tells and a gentleman never asks), it is an interesting task to meet someone. So far, the locals have been "just good friends", hot messes or some combination of the two. Several friends encouraged me to give online a try. After some hemming and hawing, I said ---what the hell.
So last week I registered for one of those specialized sites. You know the ones that weed out the youngsters. I was honest on my profile: real age, current picture, actual education, interest. Yeah, I THOUGHT fessing up to being a woman with a Master's degree in my age group might scare some off, but more on that later.

On a semi-regular basis, I will share some of my observations (serious and funny).

Here's where my author/editor hat goes back on. I will never reveal personal information on others as this is not about the person and not meant as disrespectful and, in fact, may prove useful to some.

First and most important: Please proofread your profile!

I have seen too many profiles from men filled with serious typos.

Here is a minor example. No names, although I doubt this person follows my blog.

I'm a good lesener romantic i like to go for car rides with no destinationi like music I play some instruments I like to cook and going fishing and most of all I have a great sense of humer and I"M Italian

I'm jumping right on this flirt…NOT.
I wish him luck on his search.

At first this might prompt a giggle or two. But seriously, a profile is your ad, your resume, your chance to make a first impression. Spell-check it, re-read, show to a trusted friend (we call them beta readers). Put your best foot forward.

My writer friends can understand. Would you send an agent or publisher a query letter with similar issues?

This is also true for any social site whether it's dating, twitter, Linked-in or Facebook. Oh and one final note: Facebook is NOT a dating site.