Thursday, July 7, 2011

ROW80 Update: With a little Help From My Friends

Just 8 hours late.  Yesterday was one of those days on the job that really makes you wonder if its worth it.  Spent much of evening talking with Hubby and being cheered by wonderful tweeps at #pubwrite.  I still managed to do a little formatting work on Dark Dealings and expect to reach Goal 1(see below) tonight, which is ahead of schedule.  I'm thrilled.  Will soon be time to send this baby out into the world.

A good friend from PubWrite has asked me to look over her first few chapters. I am honored and excited to, I hope, be of assistance. Being ahead of schedule will let me sit back on my patio and enjoy her work.  Goal 2 is the Ogham Court outline.  I'm not a detailed outliner but I need to feel like I have a scaffold in place if I'm going to get a decent first draft done (Goal 3).

Heading to ReaderCon next week.  Lots of news from there.

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