Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gym, no Tan, Breakthrough, #Row80

Whatever you do for a living, or as a passion, keep reading.

I have moved onto my next goal: to outline and get a handle on Ogham Court. I have been stuck, unable to find the pivotal moment in the plot.  I thought I had it but something wasn't clicking. A received some terrific advice from a twitter #pubwrite friend @ebonstorm , He suggested I focus on a character other than my main character.  I also hit the gym hard yesterday and today.  It is amazing what 90 minute of ellipitical and 30 min of weights over two days will do for you.  On the ellipitical, I realized that my male character (a love interest) was too nice.  Devlin needs to share his issues and as I sweated to Bon Jovi 's"Bad Medicine" I got deeper into Devlin.  He has become a bit of a rake, for lack of a better word.

Ogham Court is about judgement and things that have more than one meaning (see my post on Ogham Court Theme).  Devlin is part of that theme.  He is judged, but has more than one meaning.

My initial pivotal moment now fits.  Other characters now take on new meaning.

Thank you Retro Fitness and my Dear Hubby who insisted I go to the gym and clear my head.

If you want to learn more about creativity and the space in-between see Jonathan Field's terrific post on the subject.

So my outline is not formal but now I GET IT!