Saturday, July 30, 2011

Now I can talk about it---NEWS!

am thrilled to announce that I have signed with Marisa Corvisiero of the Lori Perkins Agency. We are working toward the publication of Dark Dealings (see some unpolished excerpts to the right of this post) and future projects.  It has been a long road, most of it spent trying to become a writer worth reading.  I am extremely excited to see this novel move to the next phase and welcome all that Marisa brings to the table.  I can now focus on the next manuscript knowing I am in good hands.  

The publishing business is a changing place and everyone needs to blaze their own trail.  There is always a place and a way for great writers to be heard. Like your novel, find your voice and what works for you.  Be open to changes and revisions. Never give up  on the dream.

A big shout out to Barbara Rogan, who took a newbie with delusions of authorship and whipped her into shape. I learned a lot in her classes and met some amazing writers who remain dear friends.  Another shout-out to the PubWrite folks (find them on Twitter (#pubwrite) and on Facebook. Amazing supportive and helpful folks and a growing force in self and indie-pubbing. And last, but not least, the Liberty States Fiction Writers through which I first met Marisa and the unstoppable Lori Perkins.

As news develops, I will keep you posted. In between, stop back for my usual ramblings.