Thursday, May 14, 2015

UPDATE: Ella Grey's THE LAST DAYS pre-order

THE LAST DAYS, by ELLA GREY will be available today for pre-order at a special price of 99 cents (US)! Get your copy NOW!!

The world went to hell a long time ago.
Grace Killen is a woman on a mission. In a world where pairings are decided by a lottery, she got stuck with a man who abuses her. After their daughter is born, he leaves and Grace couldn't be happier. He could end up as a meal for one of the shambling dead and she wouldn't cry a single tear.
Then he came back for Sophie.
Robert Carter is a man with a lot on his plate. The leader of the Oaks and the only known person whose visited Chicago and lived. He doesn't expect a beautiful woman needing his help or the baggage that she brings with her.

Neither knows what the future will bring but they plan on facing it together. 

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