Thursday, May 7, 2015

Cover Reveal: Ella Grey's THE LAST DAYS... Zombies, Love and Chicago

These are the LAST DAYS before the release by Three Worlds Press of Ella Grey's new zombie romance novel.

To give your brain a juicy taste of what's to come... I present the awesome cover for this short.


The world went to hell a long time ago.
Grace Killen is a woman on a mission. In a world where pairings are decided by a lottery, she got stuck with a man who abuses her. After their daughter is born, he leaves and Grace couldn't be happier. He could end up as a meal for one of the shambling dead and she wouldn't cry a single tear.
Then he came back for Sophie.
Robert Carter is a man with a lot on his plate. The leader of the Oaks and the only known person whose visited Chicago and lived. He doesn't expect a beautiful woman needing his help or the baggage that she brings with her.

Neither knows what the future will bring but they plan on facing it together. 

I LOVE THIS COVER... Don't you?

Watch for the official release announcement from Three Worlds Press