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Nicolette Godlove Brings Fyre to the Grove! An Interview

Today we welcome Nicolette Godlove, author of Fyre:Dark Dreams. I first met Nicolette when she was interviewed by Danny Coleman on his radio show Rock on Radio, a distinction I share. I invited her here to chat about her new novel, writing and herself.

Author's Blurb The note said: Dreams can bring happiness, but force them into reality and they’ll be death. All this time I’ve masked my intense supernatural abilities, in hopes of leading a normal life. But now I’ve stumbled upon the resting place of a powerful immortal and awakened more than just a slumbering Dark Prince.

Evil has left the shadows and pursues my rare power. This darkness that hunts me has no idea what I’m capable of, Hell, neither do I. But something has woken within me. They want my head? They’re gonna get more than they bargained for.

Storyteller’s Grove: So Nicolette, tell us about yourself and what brought you to writing?

Nicolette Godlove: I’ve always been a storyteller. Since I was very little, I’d entertain my friends with detailed stories or games that I just made up. We’d live different lives and go on crazy adventures in my back yard. Even our Barbie & My Little Pony dolls had intricately woven lives. And when we got bored with that, I’d make up new ones.
In High School, I had this intensely vivid dream that seemed to go on forever about these two star-crossed lovers from very different worlds. It was so realistic & emotional, I woke in tears. That week, while sitting in one of my classes listening to the teacher drone on, I decided to write down the dream. This was the beginning of Fyre: Dark Dreams. I even incorporated my paranormal experiences & nightmares into the series. I figure, I have them, why not use them? They’ve made for a very interesting addition.

SG: Share with our readers a little about your book.

NG: Fyre: Dark Dreams is book one of the series and introduces the burdened life of Kai Fyre. She’s born with intense, possibly limitless, supernatural powers that she doesn’t quite know how to use yet. Her family ignores her abilities, acting as if they don’t exist, & she attempts to do the same; to fit in. Unfortunately when you have bright purple eyes; people seem to notice that. On top of it all, Kai’s dreams are riddled by a strange man with sharp fangs & blazing blue eyes that seem to glow even in the light.

In Middle School, Kai discovers the gruesome murder of her best friend, Chloe. When she learns some truth behind the Chloe’s untimely death, Kai briefly loses control of her power, just long enough to do something terrible. She tries to keep everything quiet after that & lays low in High School.

After College graduation, Kai decides to move to a quaint historic little town in Rhode Island called Albyn’s Wallow with her college friend Maleek. She hopes to start a new life here, one where people don’t know of her past. She begins to notice that the folks of the little town seem a bit strange; they look at her like they can see right through her, but why?

One evening, Kai takes a stroll & ends up at the old town cemetery where she stumbles upon an ancient crypt with strange markings etched in, yet the date of death is clawed from recognition. She enters the crypt & ends up waking Darien, a centuries-old vampire prince who’d been attempting to sleep through his own troubled past. The two feel an instant connection.

Suddenly all the wicked creatures of the dark realm are on the hunt for Kai & her rare powers. Unsure of the reason, all she can do is attempt to stay alive. She knows she’s falling deeply for Darien but is cautious of his secretive nature. He’s hiding something big, but what could it be?

Eventually Kai learns that the man she’s giving herself to could very well be the one pulling the strings. It’s kill or be killed in a fight for life & love, but could you harm the very man you’re fighting for?

SG: What made you choose to self-publish your book?

NG: The traditional publishing world is difficult to understand on your own & there are hundreds of thousands of writers attempting to make it in the same genre. It’s a crap-shoot. I just decided that I wanted to try it on my own instead of being lost in a sea of queries, attempting to be read by just one agent.

I plan to continue my attempts at traditional publishing as it is a dream of mine, however self-publishing alone is quite an accomplishment that I hope to be successful with.

SG: Now for the fun part of the interview. I’ve got some unusual questions now.

SG: What’s your sign? How do you think it affects your writing?  

NG: I’m an Aries/Taurus cusp. I think this adds to the heat & emotion of my writing. Aries, being a fire sign, are headstrong, lively, confident & often perceived as fearless. They are leaders & have a strong curiosity for things, which can sometimes get them into trouble. Taurus is known for determination, focus, & persistence. They aren’t easily upset, but look out when they are. They are extremely strong willed & can take on a lot of stress. Some joined traits of my cusp are independence, stubbornness & loyalty; they will stand by you forever if you’ve earned a place in their hearts. Lovers of nature & beauty, they are their best when surrounded by art & sites that have meaning to them. I think all of this can be found within my writing & character traits LOL. If you read the book, you will notice.

SG: What do you love about writing? Hate?

NG: I love writing because it’s all your own. It comes from within & no one can take it from you. The only thing I dislike about it, is that sometimes people can be cynical, so you have to be careful while also not losing your voice.

SG: What do you love to drink?

NG: I enjoy drinking Dragon Oolong tea when I write. It seems to clear my mind & bring forward my thoughts.

SG: Are you more of a hunter or a gather?

NG: This is actually a tough question LOL. I have the heart & will of a hunter, but I don’t want to hurt any animals; I have some sort of crazy respect for the wild. So I guess I’ll have to say gatherer. I’d probably give a deer my last apple instead of killing it for my dinner!

SG:  If you were a box of cereal, what would you be and why?

NG: Fruity Pebbles . . . need I say more LOL!!

SG:  Do you believe in Bigfoot?

NG: Absolutely. We can’t be the only crazy creatures in the world, so why not?

SG: If you were 80 years old, what would you tell your children?

NG: Regret nothing. Take chances. Life’s too short to wait. If you want to do something, do it. Don’t wait to see what it could’ve been, make it happen. No matter what the outcome, it will be worth it to say you’ve made the attempt.

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 Nicolette is married to the most wonderful man who she started dating at 16 and has been with ever since. We live in good ol’ NJ with our white Cocker Spaniel, Lily, who’s been their first four-legged child for 9 years now. Yes, she’s spoiled LOL. She is currently expecting their first two-legged child in the first week of May.

You can get your copy or follow Nicolette at the following sites:

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Twitter:  follow @Fyrebooks https://twitter.com/FyreBooks

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