Thursday, May 10, 2012

What to Read this weekend: The Camera Guy

In my spare time (LOL) I have been reading  As a result, I am WAY behind on reviews. My goal is to spend Thursdays (except for May 17, the Thursday before the Dark Dealings release) catching up.

Today, I bring you my long overdue review of Richard Goodship's" The Camera Guy. Available on Amazon.

Book Description: Life was not easy for Forensic Investigator Bill Walters. His ability to see the spirits of the victims at his crime scenes gave him an edge, but it kept him isolated from his fellow Officers and gave him the reputation of being a 'Nutbar' on the force.
Bill could live with this. He could even live with the family of ghosts that haunted his apartment, the loss of his friends and religion and the estrangement of his daughter, Eryn.
What Bill couldn't live with was the Demon that came to town hungry for those spirits

I cannot begin to say enough great things about Richard Goodship’s novel: The Camera Guy.  It is richly detailed in setting, character and plot.  It is apparent that Richard’s expertise in forensics is a part of the success of this novel. But he has also crafted characters with depth and texture that made me care about them and want to know. For me, this is the mark of a great story.

Bill Walters is a man alone and in search of redemption; literally haunted by his past. These events have been destroying his life. We feel his pain and his desire to find connection even when he feels that “relationships” are impossible for one so cursed. We watch as he inches closer to the demonic perpetrator of a string of homicides and at the same time reaches out to people around him that can restore his humanity. We rage and grieve when parts of his human world are ripped from him.

And we want to know more!

The Camera Guy has been optioned for a movie and I understand is in pre-production. It will make an amazing movie, but truth be told, I want a TV series. I NEED to know how Bill is doing.

This is a MUST read and gets 5 Triskeles!