Friday, March 4, 2011

Reality, Forests and Vampire Facelifts

As the publishing and bookselling market evolves, it is human nature to speak and think in absolutes.  The sky is falling!  We can all become blockbuster authors.  Examples are given for both.  Recently the success of Amanda Hocking has received enormous attention.  I do not know her personally.  But she is reported to be the 26 year old phenom of the indie writer world.  But what has impressed me the most is her rational, measured and mature response to this. I have talked about the work outside the manuscript that is involved in going indie.  I cannot speak with Amanda’s authority as a writer, but I have been a business person, both corporate and self-employed, for more years than I will admit. I have written and reviewed business  plans and I know this.  My manuscript is my product and my business. I must decide what is the best approach for me (each author must make their own decision) in the now and the long run.  I need a business plan.

Writing is on the one hand creative and ephemeral, but it also requires discipline and knowledge of craft to produce a product that someone (many someones) will want to read.  I talk about putting on our writer hat or putting on our editor hat.  If I choose the indie route I must also put on several other hats: publishing, packaging, marketing, publicity. 

I am still undecided on the trad vs. Indie route. 

Whatever route I choose or you choose, read Amanda’s own words and go in with eyes wide open.  Some Things That Need To Be Said

On a subject dear to my heart, please sign the petition to save the forests of Ireland:

And just for fun, check out his idea before you get your headshot, esp the paranormal writers, like me.