Monday, January 24, 2011

Meditation, a Journey and a Gun Range

I started the Chopra 21-Day Meditation Challenge today.  I’ve tried to follow along several times before, but never finished the cycle.  So here I am putting it out there.  This time I will complete the cycle.  The parts I did previously were a great benefit personally and creatively.  Like many writers, I do not get to write full-time.  My days are chock full of (no not nuts, although…) family, work, household stuff, more family, more work.  Particularly after the holidays, I have had a terrible time refocusing. I have a manuscript to polish, queries to write, and several new ideas floating around in my head.  Let’s not forget platform/brand building, educating myself on the changing publishing and bookselling landscape and a new business idea.  Oh and I did promise to return to the idea of the Hero’s Journey in my last blog.   Over-achiever--- me?

To sort it all out and find the occasional quiet space where the muse might sneak in a thought or two, I return to meditation.   I’ll keep you posted as to how my journey goes.

Speaking of which, have you read or heard anything about the Hero’s Journey?  How has the idea impacted your writing?

Maybe I should take up yoga next.  Nah-I’m more the gun range type, seems like a better way to blow off steam after a tough week at work.

Note to self….FOCUS.