Thursday, January 13, 2011

13th sign on the 13th. Thank God It's Not Friday!

13th Sign?

My friends at Liberty State Fiction Writers, Caridad Pineiro, the originator, and Rayna Vause, have blogged their Thursday Thirteen.  Today I came home from working my day away as a psychic intuitive Pisces to find out I was now an Aquarius.  How does this connect to Caridad and Rayna…

Not only have the zodiac signs moved but there is a thirteenth sign, Ophiuchus.  Apparently the Babylonians skipped him since they liked 12 better than 13. So this Thursday the 13th we now have 13 signs of the zodiac.

So what does this really mean?  Do I read a different horoscope every morning? Should I have my chart redone? And what about those poor souls who are Ophiuchians (is that even the correct term), where do you go for your daily dose of celestial guidance?

Here are links to Paul Kunkle’s original interview and a list of what the zodiac dates are.  Boy does Scorpio get the short end of the stinger.

What do you think?  What if your new sign isn’t compatible with your mates new sign?

The interview.

New dates.