Tuesday, November 25, 2014

TUESDAY TEASER:Ulfric's Mate by Leona Bushman from Three Worlds Press NEW COVER & More

In today's TUESDAY TEASER you get a sneak peek at the NEW cover for the re-release of an even MORE AWESOME Ulfric's Mate by Leona Bushman,

I am thrilled that Leona has chosen Three Worlds Press as her publisher and even more thrilled to have her as my Head Editor. 

Ulfric's Mate

Killers are attacking the pregnant weres of Nolan Littlebull’s pack, the Wahpawhats. Can he catch them without destroying his own chance at happiness?

Alex George, only half Native and half were, was a misfit with the Lupin pack despite being the healer. Roxy, the ruthless Lupa, wants her for something nefarious, but Alex doesn’t know what. She will join with Nolan, Ulfric of the Lupins rival pack, to bring Roxy to justice, but will it cost her her life?

Even worse, all signs pointed to Nolan being her mate. The wolf in him calls to hers, and his honor and strength—not to mention downright sexiness—calls to her as a woman. But their joining could tear apart two packs.

Can they bring the killers to justice—pack or human, work through pack politics, and be together? Can they even survive?

Ulfric's Mate has been given a shiny new makeover and is the next scheduled release from Three Worlds Press.

It is expected out on Black Friday, November 28,2014. Watch the Three World's Facebook page for the release.

Without further ado.........

Pretty awesome don't you think? And the insides are just as hot. 

Need something to read while you wait? Visit the Three Worlds Press website for our new release from Sally Max: 

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