Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday Thoughts: You've Got a Friend

On the eve of Valentine's Day, as a single person I focus on friendships. As an author and a friend to musicians, artists, photographers and other creative people, I understand the tough road we are on. We are gripped by our passion and cannot do anything but pursue it. We are half a person, if we do not. But only some truly understand and appreciate that this is like breathing for us.

It is a hard calling and while some think they can go it alone, I will tell you that it is truly the rare person who can.

I write this from the perspective of author, but know that other creatives can substitute similar wording in for their chosen addiction. Of course did you choose it or did it choose you?

As we push on down our road we are subjected to the negative and, I hope, experience the positive.

We hear everything from outright negativity to what I call the placating negative.

Phrases like: Great so you are an author! What do you do for a living?
                    So you can write?
                    That really isn't a job right?
                    How nice.

And then there are the ones, sometimes your nearest and dearest, who voice their support but rarely if ever put that support into action. Do they promote your book, share your blog?

Musical interlude from Carole King

Then there are the real friends, the one's you should have in your inner circle, who are officially or unofficially on your street team. These are the ones who introduce you as the author, the musician (fill in the instrument and band name). Who read your book, write a review and tell all their friends they MUST read it.  Your real inner circle will be there to help you through your moments of doubt, to lift you up. They are the ones who send you links to review sites, conferences, articles or just an inspiring post or song.

So on Valentine's Day and EVERYDAY show some love to those friends and if you are a friend to a creative person, send some love and support their way. Creating can be a lonely job.

What keeps you going when the going gets tough? Feel free to give a shoutout to any those who keep your going.