Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A St. Patrick's Day Crisis

Ireland, The Emerald Isle, Saint Patrick and the Druids. This is the time of year when everyone pretends to be Irish---they can only dream.
I am 100% on both sides, with family from the east to west (Dublin to Galway), a Sinn Fein great-uncle who was brother to a member of the British Army, who went AWOL in Pretoria (apparently a great way to get out of impoverished Ireland in the early 20th century)

I great-grandfather who came to America in 1842 perhaps from Longford, may have served in the Army of the Potomac in one of the Brooklyn Irish Brigades and, at the age of 72, sired my grandfather.

Let's not even begin the discussion about corned beef not being Irish...and green bagel?!?

All right..go for it. The Irish love to mix it up.

The burning question is do you take your Irish soda bread with or without caraway seeds?

What are the true traditions?

I know I have Irish followers, and those that wish they were, from all over the globe and we are never shy about voicing our opinions on any topic.

So Caraway or No?

What's right or wrong with the day?