Wednesday, May 18, 2011

#WW Blog Styling with Friends

                I was honored by my good #pubwrite friends, Karen DeLabar  and Aden Penn with the Versatile Blogger award.  Their talent, energy and enthusiasm leave me in awe.  

                I am reminded of the quote “to whom much is given, much is expected.”  It not just the pretty award above that I refer to (although that’s awesome), it is the support, mentorship, camaraderie, and education I have received from family, friends, including all my fellow writers and readers.  Let me as Karen said pay it forward:

                Recipients of the Versatile Blogger award must do the following in support of their fellow bloggers:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
2. Share seven random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 5 new-found blogging buddies.
4. Contact the winners to congratulate them.
So here goes:

7 Random Facts About Me 

I know 2 times 7 is 14, but I'm not that interesting.

1)      - I ate bugs in Australia
2)      - I went to an all-girl Catholic school for 12 years.  I know that explains a lot, including the bugs
3)      - I only have one canine. A tough one for someone who writes vamps and weres.  Maybe I suffer from fang-envy
4)     -  While we are on the subject, I’m a Dark Shadows fan.  Yes I am that ancient.
5)      - I will eat just about anything (see #1 above) except internal organs like liver, kidneys, etc.
6)      - I slept six hours in the Presidential Suite at the Fours Seasons in Philadelphia.  No presidents or heads of state were injured in the process.
7)      - When on Wall Street in the 80’s I was complimented by Japanese bankers for kepping up with them when drinking over lunch, which may have extended into dinner. I don’t remember, but it was a good thing I had a couch in my office.

Since I received this award from two people I hereby bequeath and recommend the following 10 awesome blog sites to you.  Please visit and follow these terrific folks.

Stop by these awesome bloggers and say hi.  Feel free to leave one or two random facts about yourself on this post or any of my others.